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The PIM Project, is an urban youth inspired, preventative interventionist organization, designed with providing positive self-development strategies to youth, adolescents and young men of color. 
Workshop II
“Greater Than You Know”, lessons in self-actualization and positive self-development for youth and young adults.  This workshop encourages attendees to look inward, to envision, actualize and identify tangible aspects of a better lifestyle, as well as how to model behaviors of positive contributors to the larger society.
Workshop I
“If You Don’t Know, You’re in Denial” is a workshop designed to inform members of the broader community of progressive problems concerning youth and youth violence. The workshop series offers awareness tips to parents and other youth, strategies for preventative measures, conflict resolution and peer engagement.

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Comprehensive approaches are defined PIM specific, involving multiple interventions in multiple settings relative to urban youth and youth gangs.  Multiple interventions refers to the important of having several interventions addressing the problem behavior, and multiple settings refers to the need to engage the systems that have an impact on the development of the problem behavior (Nation, Crusto, Wandersman, Kumpfer, Seybolt, Morrissey-Kane, and Davino, 2003).  Studies show, combined forms of engagement in various settings involving parent, peer, and school interventions support positive outcomes (Sagrestano & Paikoff, 1997).

“The PIM Project Presents…” through its workshops, promotes the need for comprehensive approaches to change, another principle for change and engagement involves the formation of positive relationships.  As experts in gang-culture, The PIM Project presenters will be raise awareness concerning youth and youth violence, gang culture relative to groups (neighborhoods), and methods for identifying young people who;
• Are categorically identified as at-risk or proven risk young men [and women] of color, and
• Require the establishment of trusting relationships, and
• Are in need of various forms of community services

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Principles for Change and Engagement

With previous Boston based at-risk youth involvement models and program from which to examine, like Street Safe Boston and Gang Peace, The PIM Project, through “The PIM Project Presents…” will build upon existing frameworks of prevention, intervention and mediation by a comprehensive form of strategies.  Through a comprehensive approach, PIM will implement an array of services to address salient and target problems leading to violence among the focus population identified in the descriptive  information. 

OUr work

“The PIM Project Presents…” is a new series of professional training and workshops offered by The Prevention, Intervention, Mediation Project, The PIM Project (PIM), offers a customized form of training and workshops focusing on urban youth.  “The PIM Project Presents…” offers an inspired, preventative interventionist trainings and workshops geared towards providing positive self-development strategies to youth, adolescents and young men [and women].  The purpose of “The PIM Project Presents…” is to engage youth, adolescents and young men who are court or gang involved in awareness concepts and self-actualization practices, a construct involving positive expression and imagery of self through creativity, pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and willingness to give and serve society.
o Self-actualization is a construct described by Abraham Maslow, in Theory of Human Motivation, as the need to “be good” and fully alive, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and to find meaning in life.  PIM will utilize elements of this construct in its programming model and fundamental practices.

Through its three core concepts; prevention, intervention, and mediation, “The PIM Project Presents…” will target and address various forms of societal conditions leading to urban violence among youth, adolescents and young men, particularly young men [and women] of color.  “The PIM Project Presents…” as a training and workshop model will build upon research concerning behaviors and standards outlined in The Blueprint for Violence Prevention – Replication Initiative, a youth violence prevention framework created by the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado – Boulder and supported by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, a leader in identifying effective violence prevention (Juvenile Justice Bulletin, July 2004).